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Well here it is, the complete list of the Nightfall Anime sites that I acknowledge - they're finally starting to be updated! I'm in desperate need of volunteers to help with site content - mostly character info, summaries, and plot descriptions. If you have some extra time and would be able to help me please contact me and I'll tell you what to do! Right now I really need info on Record of Lodoss war for the site!

There are some really OLD Nightfall sites in the links section, but those were done by other people years ago. (And some of them will even be updated soon by those same people). In the future look for sites Vampire Hunter D 2000, Lain, Bebop, Eva and a few others.

Featured Sites

Nightfall Berserk
This series is just too good, and it's my favorite... once you see it there's no turning back. The site is live but far from complete. In the next few days I'll be adding info, multimedia and images.
Berserk Translation Database
A site that I'm working on with ranemaka13 - soon to be the best place for accurate fan text based translations of the Berserk Manga!
Nightfall Cowboy Bebop
Another one of my favorites finally gets a site ^_-;; Big thanks to UnsweetenedIcedTea who provided me with all the great info - sorry it took so long to complete!
Nightfall Kenshin
Lots of info for the Kenshin anime series... screencaps, scans, and info for the OAV/Movie on the way!
Nightfall Ninja Scroll
Nightfall Ninja Scroll site! For one of the all time best anime films ever - the largest Ninja Scroll image gallery anywhere! Also includes character profiles, plot synopsis, multimedia, themes, etc.
Nightfall Sailor Moon
Comprehensive Sailor Moon site featuring Images, Movies, Character profiles, plot synopsis, midi files, movies and more!
Nightfall Vampire Hunter D
Info on the oldschool Vampire Hunter D as well as stuff from the brand new VHD: Bloodlust!

Information Sites

Nightfall Ghost in the Shell
Info page for Shirow Masamune's Ghost in the Shell. Has movies and character info, as well as general info and sound clips from the movie.
Nightfall Gundam Wing
Info page for the Gundam universe alternate world - Gundam Wing... the boyband of mech pilots.
Nightfall Record of Lodoss War
Series Info site on the OAV Record of Lodoss war also featuring a HUGE image gallery, movies and series info.
Nightfall Tenchi
Series info page for the OAV Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Muyo in Love movie! Has character profiles, series background info, a HUGE image gallery, movies and sounds!
Nightfall X
Movie info page for Clamp Studio's X movie which has recently (FiNaLLy) been released by Manga Entertainment. Has the really cool promotional Music Video featuring music by X Japan, a transcript of the old fansub script, character bios and themes.