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2010.10.05 - NEW Berserk Anime incoming

The news if a few days old but I happened to be updating the boards and wanted to let anyone who didn't know that after what seems forever they have finally announced a new Berserk Anime. You can find more news here or check the official Japanese site for movie clips and info.


Boards back up - if you see any problems please tell me.


Boards down... host changed something with mySQL and it's not working. Submitted a ticket and will have to wait for their response.


Site moved to new host, if you experience any bugs please tell me via PM @ the boards.


New boards are up! You can now login with your same username and password here: Boards. Enjoy.


Update from the future: Can't believe it's been this long since I worked on the site. Yes I'm still alive, and yes I know there's a problem with the forum. It took a while to hear back from my host but long story short - our forums will no longer work on this host due to software updates. I'm working on it, please keep checking here for status updates.


Please be sure to visit the anime store and buy some stuff from animenation to help keep this site running! Also, I need HELP! If anyone out there can contribute anything to this site (especially info... characters, story, episode summaries, etc) please contact me!

Here's a sneak peek of the 6 anime I will be focusing on for the new db and interactive design:

Berserk Naruto Gungrave
Initial D Full Metal Alchemist Rurouni Kenshin