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This isn't only stuff I'd want to get, but stuff you NEED to own this christmas! And remember anything you buy through these links really helps the site to stay up and running! ^__^ If you want to buy any of these things just click the little picture next to the description! If I was rich I would buy ALL of the things on my list, but my current employment situation doesn't permit such action (-_-)

Berserk DVD's
Trust me, you need ALL of these. Berserk is my all time favorite anime/manga series and there's a good reason for that - it's the most amazing thing I've ever seen. check out nightfall berserk for more info, or download my morena video to see clips ^_-
Berserk Anime Series Soundtrack
Right now I'm in the middle of watching berserk with a friend, and to this day, years later this music STILL haunts me. Some of the best tracks out there for any anime, and well worth the purchase.
Berserk Manga [Japanese]
Can you tell I like Berserk? Nothing beats owning the real thing... and these manga are priceless for the story and art alone. Started waaaaaay back in '89 you can see miura's growth along with that of his characters - a masterpiece if I've ever seen one. The title to this page is a picture from volume 23... GOOD STUFF (*_*)
Berserk - Skullknight Action Figure
Skullknight kicks WAY too much butt in berserk, and now you can kick it along with him. Seriously a damn cool toy, I would love to get a hold of one and put it next to my dark swordsman @_@
cowboy bebop
Cowboy Bebop - Best Sessions
I'm not going to lie here, I love DVD's more than anything when it comes to anime. What Bandai did was release 6 of the favorite all time bebop episodes and they remastered the hell out of 'em. Beautiful picture and sound, even more so than the previous releases. If you love bebop you need to own this. Check out nightfall bebop for more info!
Cowboy Bebop - Wallscrolls
What more does an anime fan need than wallscrolls to decorate their room? :p Bebop has very laid back art, and you just gotta love the character design - in every picture they all have some sort of attitude ^_-;;
I haven't seen this anime or read the manga yet, so that's why they're on my list - I've heard nothing but rave reviews about this series, so check it out!
Hellsing - DVD's
Short but sweet, Hellsing was some great stuff - and pioneer went all out with the production of these DVD's - awesome picture quality and sound, as well as collector's boxes and action figures @_@;
initial d
Initial D 0 Manga [english]
TOKYOPOP SUCKS. They changed all the names of the characters so americans could understand better (?... as if anime fans are stupid and/or have never heard japanese names before). Regardless initial d is one of the greatest anime/manga series ever, so if you like cars you NEED this. Seriously.
inu yasha
Inu Yasha - DVD's
A very fun and entertaining series by the creator of ranma. I really love it as it's a good break from all the depressing stuff I watch (-_-) Anyway the DVD's are supposedly great quality, although they only have 3 episodes a disc so far. Hopefully viz will stop sucking soon (-_-;;;)
Inu Yasha - Manga
Good stuff, along the same lines as the anime but with rumiko takahashi's art - watch the transformation of kagome's hair :o
Jinroh - DVD
There are 2 versions of this DVD and I can definitely recommend the special edition - my god was this a great movie. One of my all time favorites, now with a DTS and dolby digital 5.1 track... and an awesome video transfer. You NEED to see this one! If you want to see clips download my cold heritage video!
Jinroh - Wallscroll
This is one kickin' wallscroll, I want it @_@;
Jinroh - Soundtrack
Much along the lines of berserk, this soundtrack will haunt you every time you hear it. It's really deep and emotional - dark enough to fit the movie perfectly. If you like jinroh you gotta pick this up.
rurouni kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin - DVD's
One of my all time favorites (up until Kyoto, before the fillers) this is a must have on DVD - and the oav's need to be seen AFTER the anime series (-_-) I really hate ADV, but these really need to be purchased! Check out nightfall kenshin for more info on the series.
Rurouni Kenshin - Soundtracks
The OAV has some of the best orchestrated music I've ever heard, and the new Seisouhen oav (the _end_ of the kenshin series) follows right up in terms of style with the first oav. If you're in the mood for some sad music this is your ticket.
Rurouni Kenshin - Wallscrolls
More cool wallscrolls... note the last one, damn cool and I want it! (T_T)
lone wolf and cub
Lone Wolf and Cub - Manga [English]
Yet another manga I desperately want to read, but haven't gotten a chance to yet - heard nothing but goodies about this one so it's on my must have list.
love hina
Lone Hina - Christmas Movie DVD
What better time to watch a christmas movie than around christmas? (^_-) This is an extremely fun series with great characters and tons of laughs, so it's the perfect christmas movie!
Vagabond - Manga [English]
I need to read this one too.. In japan I picked up the first 2 and LOVED them. Need more... If you like violence and crazy art definitely consider getting this one!
X - TV Series DVD
GOOD STUFF. Definitely pick this up if you're an X fan - the movie was crap and we all knew it, but the series is so good and has 25 episodes (1 OAV + 24 TV) to go into so much more detail than the movie. I loved every second of it! (^_-) Check out nightfall x for more info!
X - Soundtracks
The TV series had some really cool music so I can definitely recommend this!
X - Manga [English]
At times very violent and bloody, this is a very good action manga - the story's been going on for a long time so if you like series with lots of characters this is a good one (^_-)
blade of the immortal
Blade of the Immortal - Manga [English]
So bloody and violent, you need this if action's your thing - the character is an immortal searching for a way to die and end his horrible quest. Amazing art and story just make you want to read more and more.