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>icefall's music videos

Welcome to the arcticnightfall productions section! I love anime, and I love music so I decided to start enjoying myself and edit some anime music videos for you to watch :D

If you watch any of these movies please feel free to drop me a line (contact me link on the left) and leave any feedback! If you are having trouble playing any of these files you probably need the correct codec for your media player! Check out Microsoft for windows media codecs (.wmv) or for the divx codecs (.avi).

click the image to download
Hoobastank - Pieces [NEW!]
Compressed in Windows Media Format (.wmv) or DivX (.avi)
512x384 24fps - 18M

My last video - I made it for Katsucon 2001 but it wasn't shown. Check it out, it's got clips from Kenshin Seisouhen

Far From Within - Morena (Berserk, Kenshin, Ninja Scroll)
Compressed in Windows Media Format (.wmv) or DivX (.avi)
352x240 30fps - 24M

My first music video! It's got clips from Berserk, Rurouni Kenshin (OAV's) and Ninja Scroll and is set to one of my old band's (Far From Within) songs which is called Morena.

Lacuna Coil - Cold Heritage (Jin-roh)
Compressed in Windows Media Format (.wmv) or DivX (.avi)
352x240 30fps - 21M

This is my second music video, and is drastically different than the Morena video. I watched Jin-roh and felt that Lacuna Coil's Cold Heritage would be a perfect fit. If you haven't seen this movie, I definitely recommend it - this is an updated version!