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Right now the links section is really tiny (and mostly consisting of my own links ^_-;;) but I did manage to put 2 of my favorite sites up on the list. They're for the anime/manga series Berserk (my favorite) and 2 of the most imformative pages that I've ever seen... If you like Berserk _definitely_ check them out. I'm also going to submit myself to the horrid task of linking to all my board member's pages so be prepared for lots of links :D

Use the link below to submit your link to me. Just a note, please only submit complete sites, and make sure it actually pertains to anime (I get lots of submissions for non-anime related sites).

link or submit your link

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Berserk Blood Reign (Curse of the Undead Yoma) Ghost in the Shell Gundam Wing Ninja Scroll Record of Lodoss War Riding Bean Rurouni Kenshin Sailor Moon Teknoman Tenchi Muyo Vampire Hunter D X